Conference Recap: ViVE 2022

ViVE, the healthcare industry’s newest technology event, was developed by CHIME and HLTH, two trusted partners at the leading edge of healthcare and technology. This event offered a unique environment for healthcare visionaries to engage in game-changing conversations and create new solutions for today’s healthcare challenges. The emergence and popularity of virtual care took precedent over other topics at ViVE 2022, and we’re glad it did! EveryDose’s solution fits right into the virtual care space and aligns with what patients and providers like about it- convenience and ease of use.

Virtual care extends care beyond the 15-20 minute in-person interaction between you and your provider. We’ve seen an increase in care being delivered online thanks to the pandemic and robust video chat platforms. Soon, we will see care integrate into a patient’s daily life. New healthcare technology, like EveryDose, will support patients in their care journey on behalf of clinicians by providing them with digital tools to live a healthier life every day.  

The EveryDose team connected with several industry visionaries at ViVE 2022 and shared what we’re doing to support patients in their medication journey. Through the EveryDose mobile app, patients receive medication reminders, patient education materials, drug interaction alerts, and much more. We strive to identify and eliminate a patient’s unique barriers to adherence and simplify the daily burden of a complex medication regimen. 

The overarching theme at ViVE was simple: innovative health technology and effective digital interventions help patients and providers get what they want most – better outcomes. We’re grateful for the opportunity to attend and look forward to next year’s event!