Conference Recap: Texas Covered 2021

Last week, the Groove Health team attended the 2021 Texas Covered Health Care Conference, the largest annual health plan event in Texas. Healthcare professionals throughout the state gathered in Austin to learn about the latest industry issues, network with each other, and discuss new strategies to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care.  

Keynote speaker Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins University spoke on the topic of the over-utilization of unnecessary and avoidable healthcare services. Dr. Makary gave attendees an outline to help achieve higher quality care and lower healthcare costs. First, healthcare organizations must be transparent and build trust among their members. Second, health plans must try to understand each member’s unique barriers to health in order to achieve the appropriate care intervention.  

In conversations at the Groove Health booth, health plan representatives made it apparent that they are looking for digital tools that support their members outside the point of care. If plans can help their members live healthier lives at home, then their members are less likely to be admitted to the hospital or revisit the clinic. Less utilization of these healthcare services leads to lower healthcare costs for the plan. Health plan representatives were excited about the Groove Health medication adherence platform and the work we are doing to identify each patient’s unique barriers to adherence. When a health plan understands what each member’s barriers to adherence are, they can identify potential issues before they occur and deliver tailored interventions at the right time. These targeted interventions result in reduced readmissions, better outcomes, and lower healthcare costs for the patient and payer.