Streamlining sign up with Apple, Google, and Facebook

Let’s face it, most people have problems remembering their usernames and passwords. In fact, a recent study by Nordpass found that the average person has over 100 passwords. To help EveryDose users deal with this daily headache, today we’re launching a streamlined sign up and login process with Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Here’s how it works: When creating an EveryDose account, you’ll now have 3 new options for sign up. In addition to our existing option of signing up with email and password, you can now click the Apple, Google, and Facebook icons to sign up using your accounts for those services. Once signed up, you won’t have a separate email and password for EveryDose. Instead, you’ll simply log into EveryDose using your Apple, Google, or Facebook account. The result? No extra username, no extra password.

When you choose to create an account in this way, it’s important to note that your EveryDose data is never shared with Apple, Google, or Facebook. Those services simply know that you’ve linked EveryDose to your account. And similarly, your login credentials for Apple, Google, or Facebook are never shared with EveryDose. You can read more about the Apple, Google, and Facebook login services here:

  • Apple: (
  • Google: (
  • Facebook: (

If you’re someone who has problems remembering passwords, you might want to consider trying this new feature. To get started, follow the instructions in our Help Center.