Conference Recap: Oracle Health Conference 2023

In late 2021, Oracle acquired Cerner in an agreement that was destined to disrupt the status quo and redefine EHR technology for years to come. Nearly 18 months after the acquisition, Oracle Health executives and healthcare leaders across the globe gathered in Las Vegas to discuss advancements in the EHR’s capabilities and highlight the importance of data integration across all phases of the healthcare journey. 

During the keynote session of OHC 2023, Mike Sicilia, Executive Vice President of Oracle Global Industries, discussed how Oracle is working to redefine the EHR space by moving the Cerner platform to an open, cloud-based model to help improve the security, reliability, and usability of their EHR platform. Sicilia also announced that Oracle Health will be increasing its API surface area extensively in the next year. When discussing APIs and seamless data connectivity, Sicilia added, “The key to solving interoperability at the technology level in healthcare is making sure that we have no such thing as private APIs or cryptic ways to access data from EHR systems”.  

With Oracle making their clinical resources available via public APIs, third-party vendors can create new experiences and streamlined workflows to help clinicians save time and improve care. Using these same APIs, EveryDose is able to integrate directly into the Oracle EHR and provides clinicians with the actionable medication adherence data they need to improve patient outcomes.  

The application of AI technology within the EHR system was another frequently discussed topic at OHC 2023. At the end of the keynote session, Dr. David Feinberg, Chairman of Oracle Health, and Julie Smith, VP of Oracle Health Sales Alignment, demonstrated the potential of an AI-powered EHR and its impact on creating a patient-centric doctor’s office visit. During the demonstration, Smith acted as a patient coming in for a visit with Dr. Feinberg at his office. Throughout this simulated visit, Dr. Feinberg used AI voice technology within Oracle’s new clinical digital assistant to record the visit, talk with the patient, and prescribe a new treatment course – all without touching the computer one time. This demonstrated the power of using AI technology to create a care experience that allows providers to spend quality face time with their patient.  Upon the conclusion of the demo, Dr. Feinberg went on to say, “This is amazing, I almost didn’t believe this would be possible in our lifetime.”  

By utilizing efficient, AI-driven tools, healthcare providers are empowered to keep their patients at the center and improve the care experience. As the demand for innovation within healthcare soars, EveryDose is committed to revolutionizing medication management with an easy-to-use, AI-powered platform.