Conference Recap: Oracle Cerner Health Conference 2022

In December 2021, Oracle and Cerner announced an agreement for Oracle to purchase Cerner through a cash offer of approximately $28.3 billion. Upon this acquisition, Larry Ellison, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer at Oracle said, “Working together, Cerner and Oracle have the capacity to transform healthcare by delivery by providing medical professionals with better information – enabling them to make better treatment decisions resulting in better patient outcomes”.  

At this year’s Oracle Cerner Health Conference (OCHC), the first since the acquisition, executives from both Cerner and Oracle gathered in Kansas City to speak about their vision for healthcare and the number of innovations they are working on to improve the care experience for both patients and clinicians. “We have the marriage of one of the world’s greatest technology companies with the global leader in the EHR space,” said Dr. David Feinberg, Oracle Health chairman during a keynote session at OCHC. Oracle Cerner representatives say the company is focused on leveraging the same cloud capabilities that Oracle has used to power consumer-facing technology to update the Cerner Millenium EHR and optimize the clinician experience. The company announced several updates to the EHR and is rolling out new interoperability tools that will help remove information overload and organize patient data in more meaningful ways.  

Oracle Cerner currently leverages data integrations with technology vendors to support their efforts to improve interoperability and patient care.  Through SMART on FHIR, a standards-based API, EveryDose integrates directly into the Cerner EHR and supports bidirectional data exchange between the EveryDose mobile app and Oracle Cerner. Through this integration, patients can easily stay on track with automated medication reminders and personalized nudges, and clinicians get the actionable data they need to improve care with one simple click in Cerner PowerChart. By leveraging partnerships with tech companies like EveryDose, Oracle Cerner can expand EHR functionality and streamline data exchange to improve clinician workflow and drive better outcomes.