Medication Management Weekly, the newsletter for pharmacists

In July 2021, Groove Health officially kicked off our weekly newsletter, Medication Management Weekly (MMW), which showcases the top healthcare headlines for pharmacy professionals. MMW is geared toward pharmacists in the managed care setting who need to be aware of the latest in medication cost savings, drug recalls, drug safety/interactions, member experience, medication adherence, etc. 

Enhancing healthcare quality for all patient populations requires staying up to date with the ever-shifting healthcare market. Our team sources and consolidates relevant information from Managed Care, Fierce Health Payer, Pharmacy Times, and others so pharmacists have a one-stop-shop for industry news and updates. MMW allows pharmacy professionals to stop sorting through their flooded inbox and get back to helping patients receive the medication they need at a cost they can afford.  

Tune into Groove Health’s Medication Management Weekly here