Conference Recap: HIMSS 2023

EveryDose was right at home at this year’s HIMSS conference in Chicago! There was an undeniable energy amongst the crowded exhibit halls in McCormick Place that set this event apart. Witnessing over 35,000 passionate health information and technology leaders, disruptors and changemakers rally around the theme of health that connects and tech that cares was truly inspiring. The keynotes, education sessions, events, and exhibitions left attendees well informed of the challenges we must overcome to evolve healthcare. 

EveryDose is proud to be a part of this evolution by simplifying and optimizing medication adherence data to provide actionable insights for care teams. Knowing which patients are struggling with adherence and why, without having to dig through Excel documents or run faulty reports, saves clinicians valuable time and streamlines patient outreach.

We’re not just working with data, though, we’re making it understandable. EveryDose’s digital platform delivers predictive analytics, identifying potential issues and risks before they occur. The combination of our advanced platform with the highly rated, patient-facing app allows health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers and their patients to get the most out of prescribed medications.

The use of AI in our platform is essential to the value it delivers, and it is no coincidence that the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare was a major topic of conversation at HIMSS 2023. Fundamentally, healthcare is people caring for people, so the question is, where does AI come into play? AI is to be used to offload tasks, solve logistical challenges, and save time. AI is not used to replace clinicians, critically think, or replace relationships.

Utilizing efficient, AI-driven tools while keeping humans at the center of care improves the patient and provider experience, health equity outcomes, and the bottom line. It also reduces healthcare employee burnout, which is critical as health systems face unprecedented, pandemic-driven staffing shortages.  Healthcare providers at HIMSS 2023 agreed that not just AI, but the digitization of the industry in general will help systems overcome issues related to workforce and productivity. That’s good news for us! AI has the power to revolutionize healthcare, and EveryDose is excited to be a part of the movement.