Conference Recap: HIMSS 2022

The HIMSS conference was back to its pre-pandemic attendance in 2022. While things looked back to normal, it was clear that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed healthcare for good. Attendees came inspired to talk about the lessons learned over the course of the pandemic. While a variety of topics were discussed throughout the conference, one theme seemed to dominate the conversation: digital transformation in healthcare is necessary and inevitable. After two years of limited capacity for in-person visits due to COVID-19, hospitals and health systems were forced to rethink the care journey and build upon current methods of care. As a result, we have seen a wave of innovation in telehealth, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and digital therapeutics solutions. 

Digital health technologies, like EveryDose, are advancing and transforming healthcare as we know it. The EveryDose exhibit at HIMSS 2022 showcased our trailblazing digital medication management solution and sparked thoughtful conversations with experienced leaders, conference presenters, and bystanders alike. Healthcare executives representing health system IDNs, health plans, and pharmaceutical manufacturers were particularly eager to stop by the EveryDose booth to learn more about how our technology allows care teams to understand a patient’s behaviors related to taking their meds. Identifying barriers, analyzing habits, and informing patients about possible interactions now goes beyond the point of care with EveryDose’s medication management app and synced, real-time clinical portal. The platforms are designed to keep patients on track with their daily medications, right from their smartphone, while keeping providers in the loop, right from within their EHR.  

As healthcare continues to transform digitally, EveryDose remains ahead of the curve to ensure that patients and clinicians get the information they need to reach the best possible outcome. We look forward to attending the HIMSS conference and discussing the new age of healthcare again in 2023!