Groove Health featured in Managed Healthcare Executive

In Managed Healthcare Executive’s “Fun and Games for Medication Adherence”, Groove Health was listed as the number one technology company taking a varied approach to medication management and adherence. The article discusses the evolution of electronic reminders and how texts and emails aren’t cutting it when attempting to substantially increase adherence numbers, especially for patients with chronic diseases. Improving medication adherence not only benefits patients in their health outcomes, but it also benefits providers and payers from a financial perspective. A win for all! To achieve these results is to find a more productive solution to med management, and that’s where digital health technology like Groove Health comes into play.  

Groove Health goes beyond just being a medication reminder. It offers a platform with real-time adherence insight and predictive analytics for healthcare organizations in addition to a med management mobile app for patients. Through Maxwell, Groove Health’s AI chatbot, patients can find the nearest pharmacy, ask about possible interactions, and see what they should avoid when taking a certain medication. Maxwell is an in-app resource for patients as are the medication leaflets associated with each entry on a patient’s med list. Access to these available resources will allow patients to take their health into their own hands and curate more meaningful conversations with healthcare professionals. The use of digital health technology alongside in-person healthcare interaction is essential in driving adherence as discussed in this article by Andrew Hourani, Founder and CEO of Groove Health.  

Enhancing med management requires a complex approach with data at the forefront. Hourani commented that knowing why patients are non-adherent will allow barriers to be broken and impactful solutions to be created. This data point is collected by none other than Groove Health’s Maxwell and shared with providers in their clinical portal. With this information, providers passively learn more about their patients’ circumstances leading to positive interventions like consulting the patient on cost-saving options or proposing pharmacy delivery to transportation issues.

Read the article here for more on how Groove Health is changing the game for medication adherence.