Founder & CEO Andrew Hourani to speak at HIMSS 2022

Would you rather receive cancer treatment in a hospital setting or in the comfort of your own home? We’re thinking you said “home” and you’re not alone. 85% of patients prefer oral therapy to IV therapy with one of the reasons being convenience. A new era of cancer care is here and is signified by the switch from IV therapy to oral therapy, allowing patients the freedom to receive treatment at home. But this new era comes with a notable challenge for clinicians: medication nonadherence. Andrew Hourani, Founder and CEO of EveryDose, is speaking at HIMSS 2022 in Orlando about solving this challenge with technology.  

As many users know, and many others can imagine, treating cancer can involve complex medications that require special handling and strict regimens. EveryDose’s medication management app for patients serves to simplify these regimens all while keeping your provider in the loop with a real-time clinical portal.

We’re looking forward to sharing our platforms at HIMSS on Thursday, March 17th at 11:15am EDT in Hall C: Consumerism/ Patient Engagement Theater. See you there!