CEO Andrew Hourani on Tech Zone Podcast at CES 2022

As iHeart Radio’s Paul Amadeus Lane explored the showroom floor at CES 2022, he saw exhibitors from across the globe showcase their innovative solutions. He called his run in with the EveryDose booth “a chance encounter” that “really blew my mind”- we like to hear those words! Though Paul and EveryDose Founder and CEO Andrew Hourani spoke in person at the conference, a more thorough conversation felt necessary due to the nature and impact of our digital health app.  

Medication nonadherence is a $100 billion problem, and EveryDose is offering a free app as part of the solution. The origin story of EveryDose is simple: a family member was discharged from the hospital with a pile of papers and 10 new prescriptions. Surely there was a way technology could handle the complexity of taking daily medications and thus EveryDose was born. The key aspect of this app, as discussed in the interview, is that it is completely free. Hourani makes it clear that “we have a passion for helping others” and that means listening to consumer demands for more affordable healthcare. What’s more affordable than free?  

Lane associates with the “why” behind EveryDose as he shared a story that makes the app really hit home. The moral of that story is this: the app saves time, money and lives. Hourani and Lane go on to converse about the goals and future of our medication management tool while breaking down the 3 pillars of a successful digital health technology: predictive analytics, patient engagement, and behavioral changes. Listen to the full podcast for more insight on medication non-adherence in America and how the EveryDose app is working to turn the tides.