Founder & CEO Andrew Hourani on Into Tomorrow podcast

CES 2022 was a productive conference where we networked, talked with podcast gurus, and announced our new branding. In the interview on “Into Tomorrow”, Andrew Hourani discussed the switch from Groove Health to EveryDose, a necessary step toward the company’s growth and development. The rebranding helps people understand what we do: we support people with every dose of medication. This straightforward company name aligns with the mission of EveryDose to reduce confusion and complexity related to the healthcare industry, specifically medication management. Med management should be easy… and free… and secure… and it is with EveryDose.  

With sensitive health information being logged and tracked in the EveryDose app, Graveline brought up a point that many users may be curious about: privacy. Hourani reassuringly discussed how EveryDose views and handles data security. Keeping data safe is essential in forming trusting relationships with users as well as in establishing partnerships with hospitals, providers, and health insurance companies, a pursuit of the EveryDose team. These target clients value the emphasis EveryDose has on protecting patients let alone helping them lead healthier lives. Watch and listen to the full interview with Dave Graveline and Andrew Hourani on “Into Tomorrow” here

About the podcast:

“Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” showcases consumer electronics and technology that are changing people’s lives. This was the program’s 27th year broadcasting from the Consumer Electronics Show. We are grateful for the opportunity to be featured on this podcast and spread the EveryDose word with award-winning radio and television host Dave Graveline.