EveryDose in GoodRx’s Top Med Reminder Apps review

Remembering to take your medications is simpler than using a device or pillbox, and it involves something that you probably already own: a smartphone. Medication reminder apps are effective and accessible tools that you can download on your phone to remind you to take your meds as directed. EveryDose is one of these apps and was named by GoodRx Health as a popular option available on both Apple and Android. Just enter in your medication name, dose, frequency at which you take it, when you’d like to receive a reminder, and any other special instructions specified by your provider then you’re all set! EveryDose’s free app differs from other medication reminder apps in a number of ways including our AI-powered virtual assistant, Maxwell. Maxwell can answer questions about medication interactions, food restrictions for certain meds, where the closest pharmacy is located, and more. Know the ins and outs of your daily medications with EveryDose.