EveryDose featured in Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine

To read Pharmaceutical Commerce’s August 2023 article Doubling Down on Drug Adherence, click here.

There is more to medication adherence than what meets the eye. It involves a series of steps with each presenting their own challenges that must be overcome in order to physically take the medication. The process typically follows this cadence: the prescriber educates the patient on the new medication they will begin taking, the prescriber sends the prescription to the patient’s preferred pharmacy, the pharmacy runs the prescription through insurance then fills it, the patient picks up the medication (or gets it delivered securely), the pharmacist counsels the patient on the new drug, the patient pays for the medication, and finally, the patient takes it as directed.  

There are many players involved including the patient, prescriber, pharmacy, and insurance with each having their own reasons why adherence is important but being united in the fact that it is important. The many steps it takes to obtain a prescription medication means there are many places for barriers to exist. A few reasons why an individual may not be adherent that go above and beyond forgetfulness are high out-of-pocket costs, mistrust of health care professionals, and complexity of the drug regimen. So, the question is, how do we get and maintain patients on therapy?  

Medications do not work unless you take them, and the EveryDose digital solution as discussed in Pharmaceutical Commerce’s August 2023 article Doubling Down on Drug Adherence is multifold: working on addressing barriers to adherence, removing those barriers on a personally tailored basis, and providing an effective tool for management. As noted by EveryDose Founder & CEO, Andrew Hourani, live communication between providers and patients was considered the norm for discussing nonadherence and providing resources to overcome unique barriers. EveryDose is challenging the status quo with a solution that is less costly and less labor-intensive, a win-win!  

But how exactly does EveryDose do it? Hourani explained that it uses conversational AI to engage with patients after missed or skipped doses of their medication. After asking the reason for nonadherence and receiving a response from the patient, the information is relayed via the clinical portal to a care team who can respond with a personalized intervention.  

Addressing nonadherence in the moment rather than discussing it every 1-3 years with the prescribing provider can increase accessibility and ultimately improve health outcomes for patients. To increase adherence is to embrace technology and at EveryDose, we are doing just that!  

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