Dark Mode is here, along with new accessibility features

Today, Team Groove Health is thrilled to announce the release of one of our most requested features: Dark Mode! In addition to Dark Mode, today’s product release includes several accessibility features that improve the app experience for our users. 

Dark Mode is here 

Dark mode has swept the mobile app world by storm since Apple and Android released their dark mode support in 2019. In case you haven’t used it yet, dark mode is a setting that changes an app’s background color to black or dark grey. While some people use dark mode simply as a visual preference, the setting actually has multiple practical benefits, including: 

  • Helping to reduce eye strain by reducing the brightness of app and objects on the screen 
  • Reducing the amount of blue light emitting from the screen 
  • Helping to conserve battery power 

In the latest version of the Groove Health app, we now give users three options when it comes to Dark Mode. You can set Dark Mode to Off (the default setting), On, or System. The System setting adjusts your app’s appearance based on your device’s system settings. So if you have Dark Mode enabled in your phone’s iOS or Android settings, we will automatically enable Dark Mode in Groove Health.   

For instructions on how to enable Dark Mode in the Groove Health app, read our Help Center article. 

New Accessibility features enhance app usability 

In software, accessibility refers to the degree of ease with which a product can be used. Accessibility features in an app are helpful for many users, especially those that may have low or impaired vision. At Groove Health, we’re committed to building inclusive software that can be used by everyone, visual impairment or otherwise.  

Today’s new accessibility features dramatically enhance the usability of our product for visually impaired users.  New features include: 

  • Larger Text, which allows users to select from 8 larger font sizes, making the content within the app more legible and easier to read 
  • Bold Text, which bolds all of the text in the Groove Health app, making content easier to read 
  • Increased Contrast, which increases the contrast between foreground and background colors, helping to improve readability 

All accessibility features have three options: Users can set the settings to Off (the default setting), On, or System. Like in Dark Mode, the System setting adjusts the app’s appearance based on your device’s system settings. 

For instructions on how to enable Accessibility features in the Groove Health app, read our Help Center article. 

We hope you’ll try these new features soon!