Conference Recap: AMCP Annual Meeting 2023

The theme of AMCP’s 2023 annual meeting in San Antonio, TX was defining managed care pharmacy’s future, and it was evident that the future is value-based. Value-based care associates payment with quality of care, which greatly differs from the fee-for-service model that emphasizes quantity of individual services provided. Of the 33 education sessions that took place over the course of 4 days, many directly discussed value-based care models while others encompassed elements of the model such as cost reduction, increasing access, and improving patient outcomes. Just a few of these meetings included: 

  • Incorporating Value Framework Assessments in Coverage and Reimbursement Decisions 
  • Targeted Therapies to Deliver Improved Patient Outcomes in Oncology
  • Views on Value-Based Contracts: Aligning Payers and Manufacturers for Success   

With value-based care and the advancement of technological innovation comes a more personalized health care experience for patients. Technological innovation, such as prescription digital therapeutics and digital health apps like EveryDose, make it possible for patients to have tailored healthcare tools in the palm of their hand. And with EveryDose, these patients stay connected to their clinicians who utilize the synced, self-reported medication adherence data to identify barriers, understand care gaps, and address issues.  

Digital innovation is disrupting the managed care pharmacy market, attributing to rapid change and unprecedented growth – and we’re excited to be a part of it!