EveryDose Launches New Epic EHR Integration 

EveryDose is thrilled to announce our new integration with Epic’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. As an established Oracle Cerner partner, we’re excited to broaden our EHR integration spectrum further by making our medication adherence platform available to the vast Epic user community and their patients. 

With the new integration, EveryDose’s Clinical Portal is available as an SMART on FHIR application within Epic’s EHR interface, streamlining clinicians’ adherence workflow. The EveryDose Clinical Portal provides real-time medication adherence insights for clinicians, providing them with new insight into patients’ at-home medication use. The new Epic on FHIR integration will help clinicians using Epic’s EHR identify nonadherent and at-risk patients, simplify patient outreach, and address barriers to nonadherence.  

For a health system’s patients, the EveryDose mobile app makes it easy to stay on track with medication regimens, with features including medication reminders, patient education, and caregiver support. The new integration enables medications to be synced from EPIC to the patient’s smartphone, streamlining onboarding, automating medication changes, and reducing the risk of medication errors for the millions of patients that stay connected with their health through Epic.  

EveryDose’s use of industry standard APIs like SMART on FHIR enables us to provide a high quality, secure, and reliable solution to Epic users. The EveryDose platform is available exclusively to Epic clients that are contracted with EveryDose. Check out our listing on Epic’s Connection Hub to read more, and complete this form to inquire about partnership opportunities.  

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