EveryDose for Health Systems

Provide better care and a stellar patient experience​

Track adherence outside the point-of-care to achieve better outcomes, fewer readmissions, and a world-class patient experience.

Where we move the needle​
Better outcomes​

Improve treatment efficacy and patient outcomes, and reduce readmissions through better medication adherence ​

Higher revenue ​

Increase revenue from value-based contracts, and perform better on quality ratings, HRRP, MIPS, and other programs​

Patient Experience​

Our highly-rated technology improves the patient experience, satisfaction, HCAHPS scores, and retention​

A powerful combination of patient and provider technology​

Patients and providers deserve a seamless medication experience. Our end-to-end platform is revolutionizing the way providers and patients tackle  medication adherence. 

Patients leave the point-of-care with a care plan and digital support​

With EveryDose, your patients go home with a digital companion that keeps them organized and adherent to their medications. Features include a virtual medication list, medication reminders, and much more

Providers get an inside look at medication adherence​

With detailed patient lists and individualized adherence reporting, EveryDose gives clinicians a better understanding of care gaps and opportunities to address patients’ adherence issues.

EHR interoperability leads to seamless medication syncing​

Our EHR connections allow for real-time syncing between the EHR and patient’s mobile app. This enables medication lists to be synced to and from the EHR, driving enhanced medication reconciliation and a better care experience.

Easy set up. Integration is optional.
Our flexible software design allows you to choose if and when you want EHR integration.

Set Up

Our cloud-based platform doesn’t require EHR integration, allowing for turn-key implementation.  We can have you up and running in a matter of weeks.

No Heavy Lifting

We handle every step of the implementation process, allowing your team to focus on what matters most: taking care of patients

Integration Ready

We understand the benefits of EHR integration, and we’re ready to integrate when you are. We can plug in, regardless of your EHR vendor.

Looking to reduce readmissions with better adherence?

Reach out to learn how our technology platform can improve medication adherence in your population and reduce readmissions.