EveryDose for Health Plans

Help members get the most out of medications​

EveryDose’s personalized programs inspire better medication use across your full member population.

Unlock Value in 3 Key Areas
By driving higher medication adherence rates, we unlock value for health plans.
Quality Ratings
  • Boost medication CMS Star ratings and other quality measures population

  • Identify deficiencies mid-year with forecasted measure scores

  • Proactively engage members who are impacting your star measures
Cost of Care
  • Improve medication adherence in your chronic disease population

  • Target highest-cost members first with intelligent analytics

  • Improve population health and reduce avoidable readmissions
Member Experience
  • Take a digital-first approach to improving medication adherence

  • Give members a proven mobile app that they will love

  • Digitize daily tasks for your members, like medication reminders

Engage members to drive adherence and behavior change​

Our highly-rated medication management mobile app and conversational-AI deliver targeted digital interventions to your members.

Use predictive analytics to maximize quality ratings​

Our end-to-end technology unlocks value within your population by identifying non-adherent patients, prioritizing them, and delivering tailored interventions.

How it Works

Our platform manages the adherence workflow, from identification of target members through tailored intervention.

1. Identify Target Members with our PredictiveRx Engine​

Our PredictiveRx Engine analyzes data to identify members who are either non-adherent or at risk of becoming non-adherent. Our predictive models are accurate and precise, with much higher performance than retrospective claims analysis and late-to-refill targeting– leading to efficient outreach and streamlined interventions.

2. Prioritize Patients with Intelligent Decision Support​

After identifying potential target members, our platform intelligently prioritizes your population to ensure that interventions go to the right member at the right time. Our decision support follows your plan’s goals and can be configured to optimize adherence Star ratings and other quality measures with our best-in-class StarGuideRx solution.

3. Engage Members with AI-Powered Digital Solutions​

Once members are prioritized, interventions are the next step. In today’s digital world, and with people answering their phone less often, we believe that lower-cost, highly-scalable digital interventions should be a part of every plan’s intervention arsenal. EveryDose’s best-in-class mobile app and Conversational AI platform serve as an effective outreach tool to improve adherence in your targeted member population.

Your Members Will Love EveryDose!

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