Tips for Traveling with Your Medications

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Picture something with us for a second. COVID is under control, your flight to the beach is booked, and you’ve turned off your email notifications – you’re officially in vacation mode. There’s only one thing you’re worried about, and that’s staying on track while traveling with your medications.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

If you implemented our previous tip of combining your medications with a part of your daily ritual, that’s great! It’s a tried-and-true method ensuring that you don’t forget your meds. However, travel can throw your routine off, and remembering your medications while you’re gone is one part of that routine that you want to keep in check.

Know before you go

Before you board that plane, do your research. Two of the most important things to check before departure day are:

Your refill timeline

If it looks like you might run out of a certain medication while you’re gone, call your pharmacy! You can potentially schedule an early prescription refill or arrange to get a refill in the city that you’ll be in.

Drug laws

If you’re traveling abroad with your meds, it’s extremely important to research a country’s laws concerning your particular medication. Certain drugs are legal in the United States but could be illegal elsewhere.[i]

Be prepared for travel day

Now that you’ve done your research, you’re ready to travel! There are a few things to note about traveling with medications:

Pack extra

We know your favorite Hawaiian shirt is at the top of your packing list, but don’t forget to pack extra medications, too! You never know when a flight might get canceled, or hey, you might just want to extend your stay.

Be sure to look at storage guidelines

This one’s important whether you’re flying OR driving. If your meds are typically refrigerated, be sure to see how long they can stand room temperature before going bad. If it’s not long, consider traveling with a portable medication cooler. This one from Apollo Walker has great reviews on Amazon.[ii]

Always keep medications in your carry-on

Have you ever had to deal with lost luggage? If so, we know your pain. It’s a hassle regardless of what’s in your suitcase, but it becomes a big deal when your meds have gone missing. Remember that your medications should be packed in your carry-on so you know they’ll be with you when you land.

Remain transparent with TSA

If you’re flying, remember that TSA is there to keep you safe. For that reason, be sure to communicate with them regarding any medications that are in your bags. Keep them in labeled containers, tell TSA about any liquid medications, and come prepared with a doctor’s note if you think you might need one.

Stay motivated to remember your meds while you’re there

You’ve made it to your destination and you’re ready to enjoy your trip. Forgetfulness is a top contributor to medication non-adherence, and it’s even easier to forget to take your meds when you’re not at home. Here are two tips to make sure you remember your medication regimen amidst the fun of vacation:

Choose an accountability buddy

Traveling with family or friends? Maybe you’re on a business trip with a coworker? Whoever you’re with, don’t be afraid to ask someone to hold you accountable for remembering your medications. Having an accountability buddy might sound silly, but it’s actually a great motivator – you don’t want to let that person down, and if they’re really good, they’ll be in your ear about your meds until you take them!

Use our app!
Two phone screens highlighting features of the EveryDose mobile app
The EveryDose mobile app equips you with tools to manage your medications on the go!

If you’re traveling alone or simply don’t want to ask for help, the EveryDose mobile app is one of the best ways to manage your health on the go. Medication reminders are automated and don’t disappear until you take action, so the likelihood of forgetting your meds, even when your routine is off, is small. Download it here!

Whether it’s a weekend road trip or a 2-week getaway abroad, don’t forget those meds! Traveling with your medications requires a little bit of extra effort, but follow these steps, and you’re sure to keep your health in check while enjoying all this world has to offer.

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