Made with love.
Loved by users.

Made with love.
Loved by users.

We’ve spent years fine-tuning EveryDose into what it is today – a highly-rated medication management app that’s loved by loyal users.

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EveryDose supports you on your health journey
Thousands of Five Star Reviews

EveryDose App Totally Rules!

“I love ❤️ this app! I use it multiple times a day. It tracks all of my meds & gives me the appropriate reminders all day. It also tracks all my Doctors & Pharmacies. This meds app is unbeatable, get it now! You WILL be VERY glad 😀 that you did!”

A reliable tool & incredible service

“I have used EveryDose for about a year now. It has been a daily tool to track medications. The cross-check of medication interactions and potential side effects are very helpful. I still use EveryDose every day… I highly recommend EveryDose.”

So helpful!

“I love this app! It’s super straightforward and easy to use. It keeps me on track and is the easiest way I know of to quickly learn about new medications that myself, family, or friends are prescribed. I’ve learned more about some of my herbal medications too. Thanks!”

Awesome App! So helpful!!

“I have needed this app for a long time! It has been such a help for me keeping up with all my medications. I can put my meds on my schedule and keep track of when I have taken them. The other great thing is all of the information… I definitely recommend this app for anyone that takes medication.”


“If you need to track one or more medicines regularly, this EveryDose app is the one for you! As one who takes multiple meds daily, I honestly do not know where I would be without it! This app is GREAT…with its reminders, tracking system, meds information, ease of scheduling of doses and more.”

The absolute best reminder medications app tracker!

“The new features are awesome! This app has been diligently reminding me to take my meds. It’s wonderful! Now I don’t worry about whether I’ve taken my medication on time or not at all. Forgetting if or when is no longer a problem for me. A fabulous app for me!”

Thousands of Five Star Reviews
Customer support, whenever you need it

Awesome app. When you contact customer support, they actually answer! AND fix the issue.

Thanks to EveryDose for caring about your users. Great customer service is a rare experience today. I highly recommend EveryDose.

This is by far the best app for meds! It's really easy to set up. The support chat is also very helpful and quick to respond.

A game changer in your wellness journey

Great tool

“I was started on 5 different temporary meds after a surgery. All had different directions. My head was foggy enough from the anesthesia. This app let me know when it was time to take a pill, logged the time I took it and even allowed me to skip meds when I felt I didn’t need it. Well done!!  You got my vote!!”


“I love this app. I can list all the medications, custom select my times and get a notification when the medication is due… I was easily able to organize all 10 of the medications and time the medications so the one with food is at meal time, I also know what side effects to look for.”

Great App

“Fantastic app for tracking meds. Just released from post op with 15 meds. Would not be able to do it without these reminders. Easy to set up, make adjustments, and use. Love it.”

Totally Awesome…

“EveryDose has been GAME CHANGING for my brother, who is Autistic. He’s been able to take his medication on his own every single day for months… Thank you so much, EveryDose team. You are helping my brother gain his independence, one dose at a time!”

Great App!

“I’m retired, and I spend a lot of time on my iPad, so I lose track of when I have to take my medications, and this REALLY works, right on time. What’s even better, it’s FREE! 😁Don’t hesitate to use this App, it really solves the problem if your bad about taking meds. Thanks for this great App!”

Everything you need

I have been using the app for years and it has become the perfect pill tracking app. I love it and use it daily. It’s full of features for those taking as needed and scheduled meds. It automatically switches time zones. Allows you to count half pills. Allows progress sharing and has Face ID security.


“I recently went through an illness that took me from a one-pill-a-day person to needing multiple prescriptions and doses throughout the day and night for about three weeks. I’m so glad I found this app!! It absolutely 100% kept me on track with a pretty intensive pill regimen. THANK YOU EVERYDOSE!!!!!”

Super useful, great app

“Very useful and helpful app to keep up with what meds have been taken and when, and reminder alerts are great for when it is time for meds. It’s really useful to have the med list on the phone and be able to show any doc within seconds in a simple list form. Great app!”

Exactly what I need

“The app was so easy to navigate and use. Definitely kept me on schedule with my I’ve tried sooo many medication trackers and this is hands down the best one. Simple, can be locked with Touch ID, and the most important: reminders never fail. Great job, devs! Thank you!”

A game changer in your wellness journey
Bringing peace of mind and simplicity to your daily routine

Thank you! Being a cancer patient with many things that have to be done, this made my life a lot easier.

A life saver for me because I would be lost not having an everyday reminder for my meds. I take 10 different medications 6 times in a day.

My medication regimen felt impossible to keep track without it being a burden, this solves things beautifully.

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Great Pill Tracker

“This app is the best I have tried. It is very flexible… I’m impressed that it ran my profile for interactions. The warnings are perfect to take to your MD office, or to call your MD’s office if need be…This works for the real world, and is important to me. Great job! Keep up the great work!”

Best Medicine Tracker App I’ve Used

“This medicine app is so good! I take a lot of meds and I’m able to list all of them and update the time and dosage whenever I want to. Excellent app! Thank you, Every Dose!”

Great App!

“This has been a godsend in helping me remember to take my meds and letting me know which ones to take. Especially good when you’re a little “loopy” from certain meds! I absolutely recommend!!!”

Seamless and intuitive

“The app is seamless and very intuitive to use. I was able to find every medication I can imagine. Developers have designed the app with the user in mind. I highly recommend teenage/young adults to not only use for self but also set up on their parent’s device who are taking medications.”


“EXACTLY what I was looking for! I can finally mark down taking an as needed medication with a single click of the button instead of tediously having to write down the time, dose and medication every single time. Very intuitive and easy to use app!”

Easy to Use, Great Interface

“I’m an ICU nurse and as a patient I find it valuable. Much of the interaction information, I correlate with my professional resources and I can say it’s accurate. I highly recommend especially if you have multiple medications. Thanks and great product.”

Hear what others are saying about EveryDose

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